2016 Board Election Update

East End Food Cooperative Member-Owners,

On October 6th 2016 the board of the East End Food Cooperative met in a closed session to discuss issues that have occurred during the 2016 election. Though the board decided to look further into the issues that were raised, we felt that it was important to let the remaining four days of the election continue in order to minimize the disruption that could occur otherwise.

The board passed an unopposed motion to suspend the election after its close as of October 9th at 9:00 pm due to lack of confidence in the integrity of the 2016 electoral process and lack of safeguards.
The board will review the election process and procedures and further examine and discuss issues that were raised in order to make a determination on the integrity of the 2016 election. Until that time the results of the election will not be tallied or announced. We are committed to ensuring that the board elections are conducted in a fair and democratic manner and that the results accurately reflect the choices of the member-owners that participated.
The board will keep member-owners informed about any decisions made regarding the 2016 election and provide as much transparency as possible to this process.
Please contact the board at boarddir@eastendfood.coop if you have any questions.
East End Food Cooperative Board of Directors

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