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July 27, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 6:30 PM
The Science Behind Raw Foods and Juicing
Janet McKee, SanaView & Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)
Gemini Children’s Theater

Raw food is a way of life used to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. In this presentation, Janet will describe the history of raw foods in the United States and review what scientific research is saying about why raw foods provide such a powerful solution for good health and vitality. You will hear stories of others who have resolved serious health challenges after incorporating a plant-based, high-raw diet and fresh juicing. You will also witness some raw food preparation techniques and taste samples. Although this event is free, a suggested $10 donation will be accepted by PASA.

This event is FREE; just call 412-242-3598 to reserve your spot!

Wednesday, August 13, 6:30 PM
GMO OMG Film Screening
Sara Heald, GMO FREE PA
Carnegie Library – Homewood

How do GMOs affect our children, the health of our planet, and our freedom of choice? Is it possible to reject the food system currently in place, or have we lost something we can’t gain back? These questions take film director Jeremy Seifert on a journey from his family’s table in California to Haiti, Paris, Norway, and ultimately to the lobby of agra-giant Monsanto, from which he is unceremoniously ejected. Along the way we gain insights into a question of growing concern to citizens around the world: what’s on your plate? After the film, GMO FREE PA will be on hand to discuss the film and answer your questions.

This event is FREE; just call 412-242-3598 to reserve your spot!

Wednesday, August 20, 6:30 PM
Homemade Green Cleaning Products
Rachel Breit, Naturally Clean
Gemini Children’s Theater

Learn how to make your home sparkle with eco-friendly solutions! Green cleaning products are easily made at home with common ingredients like baking soda, vinegar, essential oils, and most of all water. There are many reasons to try these child and pet friendly products – improved air quality, reduced amounts of toxic chemicals in our waterways, and hundreds of dollars saved on store-bought products! Naturally Clean professional, Rachel Breit, will demonstrate how to make all-purpose cleaner, stain remover, bathroom cleaner, and air freshener, and attendees will take home recipes and a sample!

This event is FREE; just call 412-242-3598 to reserve your spot!

Wednesday, August 27, 6:30 PM
It’s Easy to Start Eating Vegan!
Rebecca Gilbert, Yummy Plants & Vegan Pittsburgh
Carnegie Library – Homewood

Vegan Pittsburgh presents Rebecca Gilbert, founder of Yummy Plants vegan lifestyle website and author of It’s Easy to Start Eating Vegan! YUMMY PLANTS 101, a step-by-step plan to help you start eating vegan today. In this presentation, Rebecca suggests vegan protein sources, easy egg and dairy substitutions, how to stock a vegan pantry, and how to stay vegan in social situations. ​ She’ll demo and sample her recipe for “No Chicken Salad” and share tips on how to turn traditional recipes into vegan delights. Attendees will have the opportunity to buy her book.

This event is FREE; just call 412-242-3598 to reserve your spot!

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