The Co-op’s board of directors is directly elected by the membership and is made up of members just like you. In accordance with our Co-op’s Bylaws, board members work to keep the Co-op accountable to Cooperative Principles and make sure that the Co-op remains a sustainable business. They do this through a system of checks and balances called Policy Governance.

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2016 Board Election Information

On October 6th 2016 the board of the East End Food Cooperative met in a closed session to discuss issues that have occurred during the 2016 election. Though the board decided to look further into the issues that were raised, we felt that it was important to let the remaining four days of the election continue in order to minimize the disruption that could occur otherwise.

The board passed an unopposed motion to suspend the election after its close as of October 9th at 9:00 pm due to lack of confidence in the integrity of the 2016 electoral process and lack of safeguards.
The board will review the election process and procedures and further examine and discuss issues that were raised in order to make a determination on the integrity of the 2016 election. Until that time the results of the election will not be tallied or announced. We are committed to ensuring that the board elections are conducted in a fair and democratic manner and that the results accurately reflect the choices of the member-owners that participated.
Update 11/21/2016:

The board also discussed [the election investigation] at the November 19th board meeting. We intend to discuss and select a vendor to perform the election integrity investigation at the board meeting on November 21st. We hope to have the vendor begin their work later that same week. Pending results of the election integrity investigation, we will resume the election and count the ballots. We hope that this will be able to occur by the December board meeting.

We also hear the member-owners’ concern for how the three additional board vacancies are filled. The current board will entertain a motion to seat the top six vote getters from the 2016 election. There are three expiring terms to be filled by the election and three additional vacancies.

The board will keep member-owners informed about any decisions made regarding the 2016 election and provide as much transparency as possible to this process. Please contact the board at if you have any questions.

Learn More about the Board

Board meetings are open to the Co-op membership and typically occur on the third Monday of each month. These meetings include a number of standing topics, including a monthly report from our Co-op’s Policy Register.
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The EEFC Board of Directors created a Member Linkage Committee to facilitate communication between the board and Co-op members. Click here to learn more about their work and activities.

The Co-op’s newsletter, The Co-operator, features a monthly article written by a board director. Click here to read a sampling of past “Board Corners.” You can also read many other issues of The Co-operator in its entirety online.

Meet the Board

President Mike Collura

Mike has been a member of the Co-op since 2006 and was elected to the board of directors that same year. His background is in computer programming and technical support, and he currently works as an Information Technology Manager at Allegheny Valley Bank. Mike is committed to helping guide the Co-op through the expansion process and ensure the items set forth in our Ends Policy are at the forefront of every decision. During his board tenure, he has served as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, and now President, and he currently participates in the Finance Committee and co-chairs the Member Linkage Committee.

Secretary Sarah Aerni

Sarah has been a member of the Co-op since 2001 and has served on the board of directors since 2008. Sarah is a co-founder of a local start-up called Covey that is developing a mobile app that aims to help parents and caregivers of small children make real world connections. Sarah joined the board because of her interest in improving access to local, sustainable, and healthy food, and she believes it’s valuable for there to be alternatives to traditional corporations. During her tenure on the board she has served on all of the board committees, and currently participates in the Board Development Committee.

Dirk Kalp, Tresurer

Dirk has been a member of the Co-op since 1986 and faithfully served on the Board of Directors from that same year until October 2015. He was re-appointed to the board in May of 2016. He previously acted as the Treasurer. Dirk holds degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, and his professional career includes both university and start-up tech company experience. Dirk believes that consumer-ownership partnered with cooperative principles, the recipe for the cooperative business model, are the keys to making the world a better place. As a member and board director of the former Semple Street Co-op, Dirk had the unfortunate experience of watching that enterprise fail, and it motivated him to think more about sustainable business practices. Dirk is committed to developing good governance structure and operational systems, which he believes are vital to realizing the full potential of our Co-op.

Caroline Mitchell

Caroline has been a member of the Co-op since 1999, and was appointed to fill a vacant seat in September of 2015. Holding a BS in Chemical Engineering, she worked as a research engineer and adjunct faculty lecturer in the Department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University for 30 years, and was also a founding principal in and former VP of Romualdi Davidson Consulting Engineers. Caroline also holds a JD in Law and managed a private law firm for 35 years, from which she retired in 2005. Caroline believes the Co-op is an incredible resource for the Pittsburgh community, and she is excited to offer her skills at finding creative solutions to technology-based and legal challenges to help the Co-op to grow and prosper. Caroline participates in the Board Perpetuation & Elections Committee.

Amit Shah

Amit has been a member of the Co-op since 2014 and was appointed to the board in May 2016. He is currently an SVP with Institutional Asset Management at PNC. Prior, Amit was a Director in FTI Consulting’s corporate finance practice, and previous work experience includes working for and other operations/manufacturing roles. Amit earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, a Master of Science degree in Manufacturing from the University of Southern California, and an M.B.A. from Carnegie Mellon University. Passionate about making organic, non-GMO foods available to ALL, Amit is interested in the opportunities and challenges presented to our Co-op as we face the converging trends of increased focus on healthier eating, competition from traditional grocers, and consolidation of suppliers.












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