We welcome members of the Co-op to attend Board meetings as guests and request they observe the following guidelines when joining us:

  • The Board meets once per month. To help us be efficient in our work, the Board follows a carefully prepared agenda. We ask that all guests be respectful of the Board’s process and not interrupt during discussions and voting.
  • We welcome your questions and comments during our Members Open Session item on the agenda. If we have a lot of members attending, we may have to ask you to please limit your comments to two minutes.  If you feel that two minutes is not enough time, we ask that you request an agenda item be added to the following meeting so that the Board may allow the appropriate time to hear your comments.
  • Requests for information and answers to questions from the Board of Directors may be discussed at a following meeting. The Board speaks with one voice and we want to make certain that we have given your comment the attention it deserves.
  • The Board may decide that your concern is an issue that has been delegated to the General Manager, and therefore refer you to the GM for next steps or response.
  • Some of the information discussed at Board meetings is related to confidential information. We reserve these conversations for Executive Session, and will request that guests excuse themselves during this agenda item.
We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting!

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