Community Outreach Projects and Events

The East End Food Co-op is an integral part of the Greater Pittsburgh community. Our mission for healthy people and a healthy environment reaches beyond the walls of our retail storefront. Our Outreach Plan addresses the need for public communication towards these ends, within our community. Through partnerships with community projects, in-store initiatives and events, the East End Food Co-op’s Outreach Plan creates meaningful connections with our neighbors, producers and shoppers. We sponsor, table, and present at various community events throughout the year which are in alignment with our Ends Policy Statement.  If you are an event promoter and want the Co-op to participate in your event, you can make a request by filling out the Event Request Form or contacting the  Outreach Coordinator with any questions.

Look for your Co-op at these upcoming events in the community:

Sunday, January 25th, 10:30 AM – 4 PM: Our Co-op is excited to participate in this year’s Pittsburgh Yoga Expo as a Lotus level sponsor! This event seeks to bring health, wellness, and mindfulness to Pittsburgh through a day of yoga demonstrations and workshops led by local yoga and healing arts providers. Other businesses and organizations—like our Co-op—will be on hand as well. Stop by our table! For more information and registration:

Wednesday, February 4th – Saturday, February 7th: Our Co-op is proud to be a Guardian level sponsor of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture’s Farming for the Future conference! This event gives farmers, producers, businesses, and consumers a chance to learn about the newest innovations in sustainable agriculture and celebrate our experiences and achievements from the past year. Look for our Co-op’s donated gift basket in the raffle and stop by our booth to sample some of our products! For more information and registration:

Ongoing Projects

Pittsburgh Food Policy Council meets monthly to network, share resources and strategize food policy issues. The Co-op attends these and participates in distribution of information. Discussion Course: Your Co-op coordinated much of the material and publishing of this reader.  Food donations, facilitation and venue hosting have been some modes of our contribution to the Cooperative principles. Pittsburgh’s Food Is Elementary We donate ingredients and for third party Certified Food Educators to provide hands-on cooking demonstrations in elementary schools within our community. Stay tuned for more events!


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