Curious about employment at the Co-op? There’s plenty of reasons to consider becoming a “Co-operator!”

There are a number of ways that we compensate our staff:

·         Wages: we are committed to offering a livable wage upon every level of our organization. Starting wages for our entry-level positions begin at over 20% more than the state/federal minimum wage. Our remaining positions are also competitive with other grocers in our area.

·         Discounts: all staff members receive a 20% discount on their purchases, as well as a generous discount on their special orders.

·         Paid time off: we offer this benefit to all of our part-time and full-time employees.  Employees begin accruing PTO immediately, and can begin to take paid time off upon completion of a 90-day trial period.

·         Healthcare options: each full-time employee working an average of 30 hours or more per week, who completes a 90-day trial period, is eligible to sign up for a generous health/dental/vision plan.  The Co-op pays 65% of an individual employee’s monthly insurance premium, this includes family members/domestic partner’s monthly premiums.  In addition everyone enrolled in the Co-op’s health insurance plan is eligible to receive a 50% reimbursement on all Co-Pays.

·         Retirement Plan: all employees are eligible to participate in the Co-op’s plan after earning $5,000 within a calendar year. Employees can elect to meet with the Co-op’s Investment Adviser Representative to direct part of their income into the investments of their choice.  The Co-op will match dollar for dollar up to 3% of an employee’s gross wages that are directed into this plan.

The Co-op strives to provide a safe and comfortable work environment:

·         During each employee’s introduction they are required to watch a minimum of five safety videos before they are permitted to perform any of their job duties. The Co-op is committed to providing a safe workplace and proper training so we have partnered with Argo-Grocers Insurance to provide our staff with the best safety training available for grocery employees.

·         We have an Employee Suggestions Database that allows all staff members the opportunity to offer their input on processes and procedures.

·         Our Task Force/Safety Committee is comprised of staff members who monitor the employee suggestion database and present staff concerns to management.

·         Improvements in the process and regularity of our floor monitoring have created a safer environment with less workplace slips, trips, and falls.

·         Zero tolerance of harassment in the workplace affirms the dignity of all employees and the essential nature of mutual respect between individuals.

·         In addition to accommodating federal required break times, the Co-op has added to the amount of time each employee is paid for breaks during each shift to permit rest and relaxation during the workday.

The Co-op is committed to professional development of our workforce:

·         In keeping with Cooperative Principle #5 the Co-op strives to provide opportunities and resources to educate and develop our staff, which include consultations, trainings, and more.  

·         A newly instated review process emphasizes collaborative goal-setting so that employees can work with their department manager to gain skills that will better enable them to advance.

·         The Co-op emphasizes promoting from within as positions become available.

·         Implementation of Open Books Management will entail financial trainings and provide the opportunity for firsthand experience in reading financial statements, budgeting, and forecasting.

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