(The Co-op’s Mission Statement, approved by Board of Directors on 1/21/2013):

The East End Food Co-op exists to enhance the physical and social health in our community. To these ends, we will create:

1. A sustainable member-owner business open to everyone
2. An ethical and resilient food infrastructure
3. A vibrant, dynamic community of happy, healthy people
4. A creative vision to transform the future


The purpose of our return policy is to promote customer satisfaction while setting reasonable and fiscally responsible boundaries for refunds and exchanges.

  • Returns are made within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Returns are presented along with the original receipt.  A refund will be issued in accordance with the form of payment recorded on the receipt or store credit will be issued, taking into account all applicable discounts.
  • Payment made by personal check requires a 15-day clearance period before a refund for cash or store credit may be issued.
  • A 15% handling fee is applied to items returned without a receipt. Store credit is issued.
  • Expired products are accepted for return if they were purchased after the expiration date. A receipt is required for the return of expired products.
  • Health and Body returns require a receipt.  Opened items may be subject to a 15% handling fee.
  • Supplement returns require a receipt.  Opened items may be subject to a 15% handling fee.

Returns are made at the discretion of the Customer Service Representative and the Manager on Duty. The East End Food Co-op reserves the right to refuse to issue a refund or process a return.



East End Food Co-op believes that you have the right to know how we choose the products on our shelves. We’ve developed these purchasing guidelines to reflect the core values expressed in our Ends Policy Statement (see above). This guide allows us to make conscious choices that return value to our members, our community, and our planet.  

We strive to promote products and methods that are:

  • Whole* and minimally processed*
  • Local*
  • Certified Organic
  • Certified Naturally Grown and/or Biodynamic
  • Non-GMO Project Verified/Specified Non-GMO Certified Fair Trade
  • Certified Humane
  • Minimally packaged or in recyclable &/or returnable containers
  • Produced using humane and ecologically sound methods that don’t exploit people, animals, or our environment

We will not knowingly carry products that:

  • Contain artificial ingredients, such as colorings, flavorings, preservatives or additives
  • Contain known harmful ingredients such as nitrates or nitrites, synthetic chemicals, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, or MSG
  • Contain antibiotics or growth hormones
  • Have been tested on animals

*local = within a 250 mile radius of Pittsburgh extending to all of Pennsylvania
*whole = having only one ingredient: itself
*minimally processed = using traditional, low-tech methods of processing or preservation, for example:  smoking, roasting, freezing, canning, drying, or fermenting. These techniques do not fundamentally alter or separate whole foods.


The East End Food Co-op strives to uphold its Ends Policy Statement (see above) in regards to sustainability.  This applies not only to our policies regarding the buying and selling of goods, but also to our daily operations, our community involvement, and our use of resources.  By supporting and building upon a strong local economy, we can ensure not only our own sustainability, but also that of our local partners and our community.

The East End Food Co-op supports local farmers and local distributors that promote sustainable agriculture and encourages its customers and staff to be mindful of the sources of their food.

We offer classes and lectures that educate our community in environmental awareness, whole food preparation, and responsible waste management.  We feel that having an educated public as well as an educated staff supports both the health of the East End Food Co-op as an organization as well as the health of the world in which we live.

Through daily practices we encourage waste reduction and recycling, the elimination of petroleum based plastic bags, and the composting of food wastes and materials.  We are making efforts everyday to create an environment for our shoppers that will carry on far into the future while still leaving as little a mark on the earth as possible.

  • 10 cent discount for each bag customers bring from home
  • Classes and workshops on rain barrel usage, composting, recycling and  home gardening
  • Partnership with Pennsylvania Resources Council and Steel City Composting on a composting program for our store
  • 2009 Sustainable Business Leadership Award from Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture
  • Organization of a Pittsburgh Business Alliance for Local Living Economies


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