Privacy Policy

Our Membership Records

East End Food Co-op only uses membership data for East End Food Co-op business purposes. We refuse requests to sell, or trade membership data with outside organizations. East End Food Co-op authorizes select employees to access membership records in our membership database, and those employees are directed not to disclose private member information, including but not limited to, names, phone numbers, street addresses, and e-mail addresses, to anyone outside East End Food Co-op.

Our Point of Sale Register System

East End Food Co-op does not sell or trade information collected in the operation of our POS (Point of Sale) register system with other organizations. Technical support contractors are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement with East End Food Co-op. Information collected through the use of this system is used for East End Food Co-op purposes.

Our Website

East End Food Co-op does not sell or trade any information about visitors to our website including browsers, operating systems or IP addresses. East End Food Co-op website does not create or use any cookies. East End Food Co-op does not sell or trade e-mail addresses which consumers provide to us, and we use this information for East End Food Co-op business only.

For more information contact the Member Services Manager at 412.242.3598 or

* East End Food Co-op retains the right to share information with public agencies in the event of a public health and/or safety emergency.

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