What are Community Partners?

Local businesses offer discounts to East End Food Co-op members in exchange for being listed in our new member brochure and on our website.  Only locally owned businesses are eligible to participate in the Community Partners program. Our aim is to provide East End Food Co-op members great benefits while supporting our local community by encouraging economic sustainability.

Members who have paid their membership share in full and carry the plastic membership card can show their card at select local businesses for discounts on merchandise or services.

While the Co-op does not formally evaluate or endorse these companies or the products and services offered, we provide the Community Partners Program as a means to support local business. Although we cannot be held liable for the experiences you may have with our Partners, we do welcome input on the service you receive at any participating business. Please contact Member Services to share your feedback.

How does it work?
East End Food Co-op members who hold plastic membership cards, indicating that their memberships are paid in full, are eligible for these discounts.

Members should call ahead to businesses which require appointments. That is a good time to mention that you will be taking advantage of the Community Partners discount. Otherwise, you may patronize the businesses listed here as usual.

Present your plastic East End Food Co-op membership card when you check in or at the time of paying for the service. You must present your card at the time of purchase in order to receive discounts listed. Community Partners participants will not have a membership list to look members up who do not have their cards, and they are under no obligation to give discounts without seeing the plastic card.

If you need a replacement card because yours was lost or stolen, please visit the Customer Service desk the next time you are in the store to order one.   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 412.242.3598 or email Member Services

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