Our Co-op is in the planning process for identifying and moving forward with one or more new expansion projects in the coming years. We have seen double-digit sales increases over the past few years, and our membership numbers grow steadily year by year (we’re currently 11,000+ members strong). These numbers indicate that our membership is enthusiastic about the products we sell and the work we’re doing.

Though expansion can take many different forms, the ones that seem most viable for our Co-op at this time would be to expand our existing store within our current building, or to move our store into a different, larger retail location, or to open a second store in a different location while retaining our current store in Point Breeze.

If you want to learn more about the process of expansion at your Co-op, check out the resources below. You can also email questions, comments, or concerns to our general manager or board of directors.

EEFC information about expansion:

Other articles about expansion in cooperative businesses:

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