There are as many different ways to eat as there are people. East End Food Co-op embraces that diversity. We offer many products that support our shoppers’ choices to support their own health and well-being.


Traditional macrobiotic ingredients from sea vegetables—nori, kombu, dulse, kelp and more—to umeboshi paste and plums are well represented in the store. Raw, unpasteurized miso, bulk short grain brown rice, and a full line of natural Asian seasonings like tamari and nama shoyu are also stocked.


Raw foods, from olives to raw chocolates and nuts, are popular sellers among those who choose foods that are never heated above 116 degrees F, leaving the natural enzymes intact. Raw cereal bars, protein and food bars, and live sprouts and sprouting kits from produce help natural raw foodies make raw meals.

Vegan and Vegetarian

For those who don’t eat any animal products, the Co-op has always been THE place to shop. That’s truer than ever, with new vegan products becoming available every month. Rice, almond, and soy cheese alternatives are plentiful, as well as plant milks—from soy to coconut– in refrigerated and self-stable containers. Meat substitutes from plain tofu to deli slices and roasts line the refrigerated and frozen cases. We even stock frozen pizzas with vegetarian sausage and vegan cheese! And of course, the Co-op Café has been specializing in vegan entrees, side dishes, soups and sandwiches for years—eat in, take out, or special order for your special occasion. Check out our Vegan shopping guide to help you find your way around the store, for vegan items.

Low Sugar

Low sugar items are preferable for many dietary needs. Lower-glycemic, natural sweeteners like maple syrups, raw agave nectars, and brown rice syrup can be used in place of natural sugar in recipes and baked goods. These sweeteners, and others like raw yacon syrup, barley malt and sorghum—each with their own flavor characteristics and sweetness level, can be found in our baking aisle. Stevia, a South American herb, has recently been upgraded from a supplement to a food grade sweetener. You can find it in liquid and powder form, or in some of our products, like natural soda.


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