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  • Compost: A Gardener’s Indispensable Friend

    By Nancy Martin, PA Resources Council Gardeners know that soil is the basic building block for a healthy, productive garden that yields nutritious food without worries of chemical contamination from pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and GMOs. [...]

  • Natural Egg Dyes

    Here are some great plant-based dyes. Use them for seasonal egg dying and as inspiration for icing, decorating, or dying other items year-round. Items Needed: White eggs, egg carton, stock pan(s), water, white vinegar, [...]

  • Turning transition into transformation.

    By Erica Peiffer, Marketing & Member Services In the spirit of Cooperative Principle 5, Education, Training, and Information and Cooperative Principle 7, Concern for Community, I attended Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture’s 27th [...]