Would it be possible to carry Wink Frozen Desserts? The closest store that sells this brand is Whole Foods, and I absolutely do not wish to shop at Whole Foods, though I do so to purchase these frozen desserts. They are the only brand I have found that are completely sugar-free and allergen-free. Thank you for your consideration!

We are able to get Wink and I’d be willing to try a flavor on the shelf that you recommend, at least to start. Which flavor would you like us to bring in first? They come in a case of 8 and you are always welcome to special order any flavor you’d like by the case. Thanks for asking!
Evan, Perishable

Thanks so much for your feedback. Bacon is produced from pork belly and the only way to make it into bacon is by curing it. The term “uncured” that is on the bacon we sell refers to the processor not utilizing artificial nitrates and nitrites. We only carry bacon that has been cured with celery powder as opposed to artificial nitrates and nitrites. If you have further questions, please let us know.
– Maura, Grocery

I appreciate you expressing your concern and understanding our position in the supply chain. We’ll do our best to keep the shelf full. Also, you can buy a case if you have the freezer space at home.
– Evan, Perishable

Please make the bulk turmeric sunrise available at all times. Customer uses this product medicinally and would like to have access to it all times.

The AquaVita Tumeric Sunrise is a popular flavor. As long as this flavor is “in-stock” from our distributor, the Tumeric Sunrise will be a standard feature in the Bulk department. Thank you!
– Jim, Bulk

Instead of recycling hundreds of cardboard boxes, why don't we make them available to customers to carry their groceries? Aldi and Costco both do this, we should do no less.

Thanks so much for the suggestion, we would love for this to be possible. Unfortunately, due to our limited space we do not have a safe way to store these boxes so that they do not pose a tripping hazard to our customers and staff. Perhaps in a larger location we can provide this convenience.
– Maura, Grocery