I can't believe you aren't mailing ads! Like everyone else. I haven't been in for weeks since not getting. After writing I was told I can opt in, so I did. But I'm concerned for survival of coop.

Thank you for sharing your feedback and concern! We have not seen a decrease in sales since discontinuing the mailing of the flyers. The sales flyers were once included in the monthly mailings of the newsletter, and with the shift to a bi-monthly format the newsletter is no longer a viable vehicle for sales flyer delivery. Our research and surveys of members revealed that a majority of members were satisfied with receiving the sales flyers via email, a practice we already had in place for nearly 2 years. Each sales cycle, about 4,000 shoppers receive the sales flyers digitally, which helps the Co-op save about 6 tons of paper a year! We know email is not everyone’s preference, so we make the sales flyers available in a number of ways: in the foyer of the store, on the website, and of course, we are happy to send copies out to those whose preference remains to receive them by mail. We continue to search for a direct mail option (such as Red Plum, which other major grocers use) that is not cost prohibitive, and also look at best practices within the Co-op world to help guide us (of note, only four co-ops in the Eastern Coordinator mail sales flyers). Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and for reaching out to ensure you are getting the flyers in the method that works best for you. We look forward to seeing you at the Co-op!
– Kate, Marketing & Member Services

Leona's pint ice cream! It's new!

You read my mind. These are coming soon. I’ve been talking to them about these. Thanks for asking.
– Evan, Perishable

Someone should monitor the handicap parking because the space is always taken by a car w/o signage when disabled persons need the space.

We agree this can be a frustrating scenario. Unfortunately, parking enforcement is not under our purview as Co-op employees. As individuals, we can all do our best to make sure we park in the appropriate spaces, and remind others to do the same. When necessary, you are welcome to call the police if you witness a parking violation.
– Erica, Member Services

Please consider carrying Bonito flakes. Thank you!

We are currently limited on space in our macro section. We are able to special order this item for members. They come six to a case.
Ian, Grocery