April Staff Picks

April Staff Picks

Guayaki Bluephoria
By Mike E.
I’m not sure why they named this product like they did, but I like to think it represents the state of being a little brought down by our modern world, but still very excited to live through it. A little bit dark, and a lot energetic, I’ve gotten through many a morning by remaining Bluephoric.

Bubbie’s Sweet Pickle Chips
By Courtney
It is a divine sweet nectar. Perfect in every way, a symphony of vitamins and minerals

Ancient Grains Gluten Free Pasta
By Kate Safin
These noodles retain the texture of pasta! They’re not mushy like other GF noodle options. Plus they’re made with non-GMO corn and healthy quinoa. The best GF noodle there is!

Latimore Valley Apple Juice
By Erica P.
This is the freshest tasting juice I have ever tried! It’s silky and refreshing, not overly sweet. Apple juice in general makes my belly hurt if I drink too much at once, but I’ve never felt bad after indulging in Latimore Valley – it’s addicting!

Honest Tea Lori’s Lemon Tea
By Patrick M.
It has a great flavor without a ton of sugar or caffeine!

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