Proposed Bylaw Changes

The board’s bylaws committee has been working diligently on drafting changes to our bylaws to remove barriers to member participation, increase transparency, and further staff participation, as well as to address a number of logistical issues. We believe these changes are an important step toward strengthening our co-operative culture.

Now that the full board has come to agreement about these proposals, we’re excited to be able to share the details of our ideas and get your feedback.

Click here for a condensed version of the changes. The references are to the revised version of the bylaws in the center column of the full bylaws. This second document has three columns. The first is the complete current bylaws (last revised in 2011); the second is the full text of the suggested revisions; the third is a brief explanation of what has been changed.

The board will review your feedback and put together a final version to bring to a member vote along with the election of new board members in the fall of 2020.

We welcome your feedback online. Please submit your thoughts by June 1st.

Please note that a full legal review of these suggested changes is still pending, so stay tuned for updates.