There are nine seats on our Co-op’s board of directors, with each director serving a three-year term, with the exception of a tenth 1-year term that is filled by a member of staff and elected only by staff. There is no limit on the number of terms a director may serve, but they must run and be re-elected at the end of each term. Learn more about the experience of each of our current directors below.

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Ariel Barlow, '22
Ariel Barlow, '22President
Ariel Barlow is a creative community organizer & gatherer, as well as a non-traditional artist & entreprenuer who uses web3 & NFTs to rethink how we learn, gather, and organize for stronger, more creative, and better connected communities.

Her work centers community building, creative liberation, anti-oppression, authentic social change mindset, critical thinking, and the reciprocal relationship between the skills of teaching and self-learning, as well as uplifting and supporting abundance in her communities. She created and facilitated playshops, classes, trainings, youth camps, and community experiences for grassroots collectives, professional organizations, corporations, her uncle’s barbecue, academia, community centers, summits, and a 6-year-old’s birthday party.

In 2022 she will be opening he first youth camp to serve her family
and other American Indians whose lineage was tampered with through the
unjust act of lawful reclassification to the misnomers “Negro, Black, and
African-American” as an act of paper genocide.

Tom Pandaleon, '22
Tom Pandaleon, '22Vice President
Tom has been a co-op enthusiast since 1979, when he joined a food-buying club in Ithaca, NY. After moving to Pittsburgh to attend law school in 1989, his family joined the EEFC, and, alongside many other volunteers, he helped start the Co-op’s credit union, which was federally chartered in 1993. He currently sits as its president. He was elected to the board in 2019, after serving for one year in 2016. Tom sees our co-op corporation and its community of member-owners as offering a democratic alternative to the economic powerlessness most people experience. He sees our work in stewardship of this co-op, keeping it member-driven and activist as a responsible regional economic force, as being vital to a better future for all.
Laura Valentine, '22
Laura Valentine, '22Secretary
Laura has been a member of the co-op since childhood, and was elected to the board in 2019. They hold an MS in Sustainable Food Systems from Green Mountain College (now the Green Mountain Center for Sustainability at Prescott College), where they did their graduate work on food systems monitoring and evaluation. They volunteer with Penn State Extension, are a member of the Pittsburgh Food Policy Council, and coordinate food systems data for the Center for Regional Agriculture, Food, and Transformation (CRAFT) at Chatham University. They bring a focus on appropriate monitoring, urban-rural connections, and the western Pennsylvania food system to the board.
Mia Sorada, '24
Mia Sorada, '24Treasurer
Bio coming soon!
Marty Seltman, '23
Marty Seltman, '23
As a long-time Coop member, Marty is excited to take an active role on our Coop board. He hopes to enhance our community by advocating for current member-owners to be more engaged. Making our membership better reflect the diversity of surrounding communities is another one of his goals. He retired from Metro Community Health Center in 2019 after a medical career focusing on caring for underserved populations with special interest in nutritional and herbal approaches to health. In his new-found leisure, he spends time playing with grandchildren, walking in Frick Park, birding, mushrooming, reading, practicing Tai Chi, meditating and learning to play guitar.
Debi Johnson, '24
Debi Johnson, '24
Bio coming soon!
Brian Alderman, '24
Brian Alderman, '24
Brian has been a member of the Co-op since early 2020. He is the founder and CEO of software company, which is working to address the climate crisis with our everyday purchases, and the Principal Consultant of no-code technology consulting firm Lost Sheep Advisory. As a home cook and vegetable enthusiast, Brian is excited about food and regional food systems. He holds a degree in Mathematics and Drama Production Technology & Management from Carnegie Mellon University.