Policy Governance is a system of organizational governance that provides an overview of the relationships between an organization’s owners, its board of directors, and its chief executive. The Board uses policy governance to establish policies that set limits within which the general manager must operate. This method of checks and balances assists the Board members, who may not possess firsthand experience working in the retail food industry, to effectively oversee a professional in the grocery business.

Each month the Co-op’s general manager presents reports to the board that demonstrate compliance with the established policies using reasonable interpretations of the policies and data. Members are welcome to read the Policy Register (updated 12-6-2021) that guides this process. Attendees of monthly board meetings will also be able to observe the presentation of the reports provided by the general manager and the Board’s review of the reports.

One way to further cultivate a sense of social responsibility in your own life and on behalf of East End Food Co-op is to help steer the direction our Co-op will take in the years to come by running for election to the Board of Directors. Directors help craft responsible policies and metrics related to EEFC’s participation in the Pittsburgh community. Email boardofdirectors@eastendfood.coop if you want to learn more about candidacy and the election process.

How The Co-op Works Infographic