Brunch originated more than 100 years ago as a symbol of wealth and leisure. Today, it offers a respite from hectic lifestyles that lead most of us to skip breakfast altogether or eat it on-the-go. Brunch is the happy place between breakfast and lunch, the meal where we can get creative and transform any food into a pseudo-breakfast dish. A sandwich held together by waffles? Sure. Fried chicken, mac and cheese, a burrito filled with scrambled eggs? Yep. Alcohol? Yes, definitely. Anything goes at brunch! Whether you prepare your meal at home, or go out to one of the numerous Pittsburgh joints that offers this fabulous meal (including your Co-op!), on Sunday, I encourage you to sleep in, start late, be leisurely, and enjoy a meal together. Take it slow, drink good coffee, and drizzle everything with maple syrup.

by Kate Safin, Marketing & Member Services Manager

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