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31 12, 2018

Heart Healthy Recipes

December 31st, 2018|Featured in The Co-operator, Featured Posts, Store News|0 Comments

In the spirit of resolving for a healthier 2019, and in recognition of American Heart Month in February, we’ve put together some delicious, heart-healthy recipes. Did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women? You can make healthy changes to lower your risk of developing heart disease. Controlling [...]

31 12, 2018

Spotlight on Local: Nathan Miller Chocolate

December 31st, 2018|Featured in The Co-operator, Featured Posts, Vendor Spotlight|0 Comments

Nathan Miller Chocolate is an American small batch chocolate factory in Chambersburg, PA, owned and operated by Nathan Miller and his wife Chelsea Russo. Nathan is a formally trained pastry chef who manages the chocolate making “from bean to bar,” meaning he selects and processes the raw cocoa, tempers it, and comes up with unique, [...]

31 12, 2018

DIY: Beeswax Wrap

December 31st, 2018|Do It Yourself, Featured in The Co-operator, Featured Posts|0 Comments

Supplies: Thin, 100% organic cotton fabric, cut to 8×8 in. squares or circles. Organic beeswax, grated Powdered pine resin (avaialble for purchase online) New paintbrush (that will be used for this purpose only) Cheese grater (used exclusively for beeswax) Pinking shears (optional, but will help keep your fabric from unraveling at the edges ) Baking [...]

31 12, 2018

Food For Thought: Farm Bill Delivers Victories for Beginning Farmers, Organic/Local Food

December 31st, 2018|Featured in The Co-operator, Featured Posts, Food For Thought|0 Comments

Concerns remain over long-term loss in conservation funding, failure to close farm safety net loopholes After two months of negotiations, the 2018 Farm Bill Conference Committee leaders released a final bill on December 10, 2018, that makes long-overdue investments in the future of American agriculture. If passed and signed into law by President Trump, the [...]

31 10, 2018

Holiday Gift Ideas

October 31st, 2018|Featured in The Co-operator, Featured Posts|0 Comments

1) Salt Lamp - Evolution Salt Co. 2) felt peacock ornament - silk road 3) hand-crafted kids hat & gloves - Andes Gifts 4) Body Lotion - Una Biologicals 5) Handwoven African Winged Basket - Alaffia Authentic. 6) Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap - Abeego 7) Chocolate - Nathan Mller 8) House plants & [...]