June 25


06:30 pm - 08:00 pm

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East End Food Co-op


East End Food Co-op

7516 Meade Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Pittsburgh, PA, US, 15208

Grocery giants exert significant influence over the global food supply and within our communities. How do the largest grocers maintain their grip on communities and eaters, farmers and foodmakers? Author Jon Steinman shares some of the research that went into his new book and recounts his experience as a food systems journalist that would eventually lead him to write a book about food co-ops. Jon will pull back the curtain on the grocery giants and share the amazing work food co-ops are doing in communities across the continent.

Through penetrating analysis and inspiring stories and examples of American and Canadian food co-ops, Grocery Story makes a compelling case for the transformation of the grocery store aisles as the emerging frontier in the local and good food movements. Author Jon Steinman:

  • Deconstructs the food retail sector and the shadows cast by corporate giants

  • Makes the case for food co-ops as an alternative

  • Shows how co-ops spur the creation of local food-based economies and enhance low-income food access.

Grocery Story is for everyone who eats. Whether you strive to eat more local and sustainable food, or are in support of community economic development, Grocery Story will leave you hungry to join the food co-op movement in your own community.

Join Jon for a presentation and book signing!