What happened with the previous brand of broccoli sprouts in the produce dept? They were much better than the potomac brand. Can you get the other brand again?

Thanks for the comment card. We source most of our sprouts through Four Seasons Produce, which is where we were getting the Edrich label sprouts you are requesting. They pulled their sprout line from this vendor quite suddenly, which is why there was a change to the Potomac brand that we’ve been stocking. I’m not so happy about the pale color of the sprouts myself; the Edrich brand was a much more vibrant green. Unfortunately, this is our only option at the moment. If we have an opportunity to switch back in the future, we will certainly do it. I hope this information is helpful, and thank you again for checking in.
– Evan D., Produce

Please contact when red clover is back in stock?

This is back in stock with our supplier and we will have regularly again.
– Mary Beth, Herbs

Do you sell or have a supplier that can provide grass fed beef bones for making bone broth? Thank you!

Jubilee bones are grassfed and available in the freezer section.
– Evan, Perishable

Who's in charge of the co-ops admin in lieu of having a GM?

Thanks for asking! Per our policy governance, a Designated General Management Team is always to be prepared in the event that a General Manager departs. In this case, Jen (HR Manager), Shawn (Finance Manager), and eric (Front End Manager) comprise the DGMT team.
– eric, FE Manager

ShurSave on Liberty in Bloomfield may be going away. Seems like moving into the store (AND HIRING THE EMPLOYEES) could be an interesting move for the EEFC, perhaps? Having a large store in Bloomfield would help outreach to a whole new range of people for whom the slog to the Meade Street store is too much (who live in very walkable Lawrenceville, Bloomfield, Garfield, and Oakland neighborhoods), and, with a larger property and parking lot, there could be many more interesting possibilities!

Thank you for this thoughtful input! I have shared your message with the General Management Team and with our Co-op’s Board of Directors. I’ve also personally got this development on my radar now. The Co-op is still relatively early in the expansion process, and while hiring for General Manager has been the top priority of late, you can visit our website’s expansion section to get an understanding of the work that has been done to date to define the process and criteria the board will use to decide to go forward with an expansion opportunity. Thanks again for being a proactive member!
– Erica, Member Services

Seventh Generation pet friendly ice melt. Will we every carry again? Been out of stock for several weeks.

We now have pet friendly ice melt on our shelves. The brand is “Earth Friendly”. I was unable to locate a Seventh Generation variety.
– Ian, Grocery

Please secure microwave ro countertop so it doesn't move when one pushes the open button.

Yes, that is very annoying. A bracket has been installed to keep the microwave from shifting.
– Vince, Facilities