Beginning September 1, 2020, earnings will return to $2 Food Bucks for every $5 spent on fresh fruits and vegetables. There is a $10 limit per transaction on Food Bucks earned. Coupons that were already issued during the $2 for $2 match throughout the summer will still be accepted.

About Food Bucks

The Food Trust’s Food Bucks program, launched in 2010, makes is easier for shoppers who use SNAP (food stamps) to afford fresh fruits and vegetables. Originally available in Philadelphia, this healthy food incentive program has since expanded to a statewide initiative, with a focus on the Pittsburgh region and Western Pennsylvania, and is offered in over 40 retail settings, including farmers markets, mobile markets, corner stores and supermarkets.

Healthy food incentive programs for shoppers who rely on SNAP — a simple idea that started at farmers markets and has grown to supermarkets and other retailers — empower families to make healthier choices by making fresh produce more affordable. And when the thousands of Pennsylvanians struggling with poverty start bringing home more healthy food, we see their communities start to benefit, too: Area farmers gain new customers and make more money, small businesses thrive, and more food dollars stay in the local economy.