Celebrate with these traditional foods, meant to bring good luck in the new year. Even if you aren’t feeling superstitious, many of these foods are sure to bring a healthy start to the new year!

Black eyed peas: Southern tradition suggests starting the year with black-eyed peas for luck and prosperity. Find them in our bulk department, or aisle 1 with canned goods.

Leafy greens: Collards, kale, and other leafy greens are lucky for being green like money, and they pair well with black eyed peas. More importantly, they offer a variety of important vitamins and minerals.

Grapes: Originating in Spain, eating 12 grapes (one at each stroke of midnight) is thought to bring good luck for each of the 12 months to come.

Sausage and sauerkraut: Pork symbolizes progress, and cabbage continues the theme of money & wealth due to its green hue, which is why many German and Eastern-European cultures combine these symbols of good fortune. For a vegan option, look for Beyond Meat or Field Roast sausages in the freezer section.

Long noodles: Popular in Asian cultures, eating a long noodle without breaking it in the middle suggests a long life. Pad Thai, Mai Fun, Soba, Lo Mein, Udon, and Kelp noodles are all great options you can find in aisle 2!

Fish: The abundance of fish in the sea and the coin-like appearance of fish scales brings luck—and also, omega-3 fatty acids. Find a variety of fish in our freezer section, and for a vegan alternative, grab some Gardein fishless filets.