Co-op Cafe Vegan Lemon Poundcake

Co-op Café Vegan Lemon Pound Cake
Our vegan lemon pound cake! I don’t live locally anymore so it’s a treat when I can get it. – Andrea

Steelcup Cold Brew

Steel Cup Coffee Roasters Cold Brew
I really like Steel Cup cold brew coffee. It’s the best cold brew I’ve ever tried! It’s strong enough to stand up to lots of almond milk so my brain gets the caffeine without it bothering my stomach. Keep it flowing! – Donna

Gosia Pierogies
Really good quick meal. Historic Pittsburgh comfort food! – Evan

Robin Hollow Farm Eggs
Love the selection of local farm fresh eggs, especially the ones from Robin Hollow Farms because they tell you what they feed the hens and they are soy free!
– Scorc685

Una Headache Relief

I love UNA! I love their products, and I think their founder/owner (who happens to be a previous Co-op employee) is pretty fantasic as well! I find their products to be gentle, yet effective. My favorite is the Headache Relief Roll-on. – Jennifer

Brunton Dairy Chocolate Creme
As chocolate as chocolate can get! – Kurt

MesoMex Sauces 
Can be used on everything; very versatile peppery bite. I buy it by the case!
– Jim

If you ask an Italian for a jarred pasta sauce recommendation, they will most likely look at you like you have three heads. But I like to think even my Nonna would approve of this sauce. It’s that good. – Molly


If I could choose a way to die, it would be death by Lux Chocolate bar.
– MaCall

Tait Farm Cranberry Mustard
This mustard combines the kick of the wasabi with the tartness of the cranberries to make the perfect condiment. Sandwiches, pretzels, you name it. I put it on everything! – Tyler

Anything local in the produce section. I love fresh veggies! – Tammy

Co-op Café Mushroom Barley Soup
The mushroom barley soup is addictively delicious!
– Ashley