Store Update 3/26/2020
Dear Co-op Community,
On Monday, Allegheny County issued a “Stay-at-Home” order, which means if you’re at our store, it may be the only time you’re leaving your house for the next two weeks. Thanks for making us part of your adventure! As a life-sustaining business, we are still here for you with the fresh, healthy, and locally-sourced food you love. The past few weeks have been truly strange. We know the weariness you all feel, because we feel it too. Our staff are working harder than ever, and we are finding ways to reward them. We’ve issued several “Hero Appreciations” including a $100 cash bonus, an additional 40 hours of paid time off for all staff to use however they like in the next 12 months, and the Co-op is also covering 100% of healthcare premiums for the month of April. With wellbeing at the top of our minds, we have made the following operational decisions this week.

Store Hours

  • Beginning this weekend we will be closed for the next three Sundays (March 29, April 5, and April 12). Our staff need a break and we need a chance to catch up on the whirlwind we’ve been experiencing.
  • Our daily hours will be as follows: 9 am to 10am is exclusively reserved for shoppers that self-identify as senior and immune compromised shoppers; the store will open to everyone from 10 am to 7 pm. Please give these vulnerable members of our community an opportunity to shop in this first hour of business. Everyone is welcome to shop beginning at 10am.
  • We are working on a contact-free curbside pickup service for seniors and immune compromised shoppers. Look for more information to come as we make these plans.

Reusable Bags

  • We will continue to allow shoppers to use their reusable bags. We kindly ask that you bag your own groceries if you bring your own bags. This helps remove a point of contact for our cashiers, and we thank you for helping us keep our staff members safe and healthy.
  • We also ask that you please do not shop into your bags and instead use a cart or basket . Our carts and baskets are continuously sanitized.

Staff Wellness & Safety

  • We’ve installed a plexiglass barrier at all our checkout lanes to protect our cashiers, who in their line of work are unable to maintain the recommended 6 feet of social distance.
  • As a reminder, try to keep 6 feet of space (the length of two shopping carts) between you and other shoppers and our staff, and refrain from leaning on our cafe counters or standing directly at the counter when you are waiting for your beverage.
We know we’ve said it many times before, but THANK YOU for adjusting to the many changes we must implement to keep our community safe. We appreciate your support.

In cooperation,

Maura Holliday
General Manager

Store Update 3/18/2020
Dear Co-op Community,
Thank you for your continued support during these difficult days. We know the weight each of you feel as we enter these uncharted territories. We are happy to provide some level of normalcy, and to offer healthy food that provides you with nourishment and comfort. Here at the Co-op, we are working extremely hard to continue to serve you at this time, with staff working all hours of the day and night to keep our business moving as efficiently as we possibly can. Each day brings new challenges, and we may have to adapt these plans, but for now you can expect the following changes at the Co-op.

Store Hours

Beginning Thursday, March 19th we will be open daily from 9 am to 7 pm.

Senior Shopping Preference

  • We are asking our community to please allow seniors preference in shopping in the first hour we are open.
  • Our 5% senior discount will be honored from 9 am to 10 am every day; in the event we have to open late, the discount will be honored in the first hour we are open.
  • Tuesdays and Thursday will remain Senior Discount Days. Shoppers age 62+ receive a 5% courtesy discount all day Tuesday and Thursday. Please let us know at checkout if you qualify.

Store Policies

  • No holds. We are not able to place holds on any products at this time. If you are a member, you may place a special order for a case quantity of items you desire, and we will do our best to fulfill those requests.
  • No Rain Checks. Due to frequent out-of-stocks and the unpredictable nature of our deliveries, we are not able to offer rain checks for items that are not on our shelves.

Co-op Community Events

  • All events for March and April are cancelled.
  • The board bylaws meetings are also cancelled, but members may review possible revisions and updates online at

Shopping Bulk

  • There are NO OUTSIDE CONTAINERS permitted.
  • We are discontinuing bulk lettuce and bulk mushrooms in our Produce Department.
  • In the coming days, we will be transitioning our bulk food area to pre-packaged bags or containers. This is the best solution for us to maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation while ensuring we can offer you the bulk goods you desire. We know this is a huge shift in our culture, so please know we are doing this out of necessity.
  • Our on-tap kombucha bar will be unavailable for the foreseeable future.

Customer Flow

  • During peak shopping hours, we will be letting in 15 people at a time every 5 minutes to help us maintain a more manageable customer flow. When our Front End becomes overwhelmed with long lines, it makes shopping more difficult and stressful for everyone and creates congestion in the store. Customer flow will only be enforced during peak shopping periods, which to date have been upon opening and again in mid-afternoon.
Please know we are making these decisions in the interest of supporting our staff and our community. Thank you again for your continued cooperation and understanding.
In cooperation,
Maura Holliday, General Manager