Would love to see less plastic packaging, especially on bread.

Thanks so much for the thought. We would love this too. Unfortunately, when it comes to bread, a sealed plastic bag offers the best shelf life, providing a fresher product for our customers. We are always on the lookout for innovative packaging, like Alter Eco compostable wrappers, for example.
– Maura, Grocery

Is there a secret to getting the Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil (not the og one) tureen to dispense at more than a trickle?? It challenges me every time. 🙂 Thank you!!

Occasionally there is an airlock causing a block when dispensing the fluid. If you slightly loosen the top of the container the olive oil will flow more freely. Please ask a staff member to assist you when you encounter this issue.
– Jim, Grocery

Well Being Journal NOV/DEC 2018. Why would you sell magazines that advance an anti-vaccination agenda? This nonsense endangers everyone especially the most vulnerable.

Thanks for your question/comment. There are many different opinions and different approaches to health and to vaccines in particular. We try to offer the best information available, even if some of it is controversial, or some of our books and magazines contradict each other – vegan vs. paleo, for example. The article you refer to is warning about a connection between vaccines and autism. The author, J.B. Handley, is not “anti-vaccine”. We think it’s important for people to be able to learn all they can about vaccine issues, so they can make their own fully-informed decisions.
– Karen, Books & Magazines

I would love it if you carried Beyond Meat Hot Italian Sausage + Gardein Rosemary + Sage Breakfast Patties. They are both delicious!

I’ll keep my eye out since these items aren’t available to us. Whole Foods still has the exclusive on these products.
– Evan, Perishable

Could we get a scale in produce that has both English and metric. I cook with both.

While we currently do not have plans to update the scales in produce, this is something we’ll consider when we next update the department’s tools and equipment. My best recommendation in the meanwhile, would be a web based converter that you could use for weights (and other units of measure) on your computer at home: www.metric-conversions.org. I hope this is helpful to you, and thank you again for your suggestion!
– marc, Produce

BULK DEPT: Please change (tape over) the word “CONQUER” on the pre-printed Frontier posters. We need PEACEFUL communication, not war-like language. Replace “CONQUER THE HOLIDAYS” with “PEACE at the HOLIDAYS!” thank you! Just because Frontier sent it, doesn’t mean you have to use it, especially as is!

Thank you for providing feedback about the Frontier Co-op materials that were on display in our Bulk Department. You are correct, this word choice is poor, especially for holiday promotions. The signage and booklets with this phrase have been removed from our store. I also contacted Frontier Co-op to express concern over the direction they took with their marketing this year, and have encouraged other Co-op’s within NCG to consider if they really want to have these materials as part of their store displays.  I truly appreciate your honest feedback. Thank you for helping us create a store atmosphere that is welcoming, friendly, and peaceful.
– Kate, Marketing & Member Services


Please put your bulletin board where notices can be seen. They are not visible at all where they are now.

I’m sorry you’re not satisfied with the location of the community bulletin boards. To be sure, if we had a more ideal space, like a community room, we would relocate them. I don’t think it’s fair to say they are not visible at all – you seemed to have found them! Will you help us let other Co-operators know if they have missed something? Please ask a staff member if you’re not sure where to look for notices about Co-op news and events.

– Erica, Member Services