We’re more than just a grocery store

Co-ops exist to serve the needs of their members–the people who own and use the co-op. The profits generated by East End Food Co-op are returned to member-owners and their communities in the form of member discounts, investments in store improvements, and donations to local non-profits. When you join the East End Food Co-op, you invest $100 in our community-owned store. This investment (or share) can be paid all at once or in $25 installments. Your membership share is completely refundable and there are no annual fees or dues.

Why Join?

Investing in a membership strengthens an alternative business model that believes in putting people and planet before profit. As a Co-op Member-Owner, you support a sustainable regional food infrastructure, fair labor standards, and environmental responsibility. Plus there are plenty of benefits!

Member Benefits

You and up to two household members (people who live in the same household with the primary member) will enjoy the following benefits:

  • 2% discount on all daily purchases
  • 10% discount quarterly on the transaction of your choice
  • Ability to place money-saving Special Orders (case quantities of any item available through our distributors)
  • Discounts extended by other businesses through our Community Partners Program*
  • Check-writing privileges for up to $20 over purchase amount
  • Option to receive e-receipts for all shopping transactions*
  • Access to EEFC Federal Credit Union
  • Voting privileges in Co-op elections
  • The opportunity to run for the EEFC Board of Directors*
  • The opportunity to participate with board committees

Benefits marked with an * are only available for fully-paid members (not those on installment plans).

Simply complete the form online, then stop in to make a share payment at the Customer Service desk.