Any Golden Kiwis?

Hey! As I said on the phone, they’re out of season right now, but we’ll get them back as soon as they are available, which should be June/July.
Evan D., Produce

Hello. I am interested in becoming a member, as I feel that east end coop provides inclusive, great quality food and other goods but first wanted to check on if there are gender neutral restrooms, as this is also important to me regarding inclusion.

I’m so glad to hear you make positive associations with the co-op, and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about membership. If you’re doing any significant amount of shopping here, it really pays to be an invested member-owner, and of course, we couldn’t run this place without the cooperation of all members. Here’s a link to more info on membership in case it’s helpful. Thank you also for your inquiry regarding our restrooms. As operators of the Co-op we strive to provide an inclusive, welcoming, and safe environment for all, and the issue of gender neutral bathroom is important to us. Several years ago we converted our staff restrooms to be gender neutral, although at that time we did not have the operational capacity to convert our public restrooms or create a separate gender-neutral restroom for the public. While this is currently still the case, we will keep this in mind for potential expansion opportunities. If you have further questions regarding our restroom facilities, or if you’d like to discuss the matter further, I would encourage you to reach out directly to our Front End Manager eric cressley.
– Erica, Member Services

Love the new carts - much easier with a child than the two tier small carts!

Thank you for your positive comment about our new carts. We’re glad that you like them. We hope they we will be a great addition to our store for years to come.
– Vince, Facilities

Would dearly love more varieties of Organic India Tulsi teas. Yogi teas seem to cause me stomach upset but not Tulsi teas.

We do currently carry their Red Chai. We will bring in their jasmine tea. It should be on our shelves in the next week or so. If you have any further suggestions or questions then let us know.
– Ian, Grocery

Please consider serving café cold drinks in paper cups rather than plastic, both for safety reasons and the enviornment

We appreciate your feedback and will keep this in mind when making packaging selections in the future.
– Amber, Café