Liz K.
Liz K.Member since 2018
Where do you live and how often do you visit our store? Penn Hills, and I’m here five days a week!

What was your motivation for coming to and/or joining the Co-op?
This was actually the first place I came to in Pittsburgh that had a juice and smoothie bar, and I was hooked right there!

What is your favorite thing you get from the Co-op? The juices and smoothies are my favorite, because they’re fresh, all organic, and made right in front of me. I can see exactly what goes into them.

If you could change one thing about the Co-op, what would it be?<//b> I wish it was bigger.

What do you LOVE and hope will never change about the Co-op? I love the close-knit community; everyone knows each other.

What makes shopping at the Co-op different than other stores? That I know I’m supporting Pittsburgh. Obviously, other stores have some of the same products as we do, but I like knowing that I’m supporting a community-owned store that prioritizes local growers and producers (and ice cream companies)!

How would you describe your lifestyle, and how does the Co-op fit in? My lifestyle if mostly plant-based, and the Co-op offers a lot of resources, from fresh local produce to great meat alternatives. I love to cook and develop new recipes. I’m also super into food photography and I often buy our beautiful produce just to take pictures of it.