Customers outside of Pittsburgh city limits can no longer recycle any plastic except HDPE 1 and PETE 2; also no glass. Can you find a bulk container supplier that provides these containers?

We are looking into some new containers for our bulk department. In the meantime, we always encourage customers to bring in their own clean re-usable containers to our bulk department. We also offer many options in reusable containers for purchase.
– Maura, Grocery

Hi. Please order the regular Natalie’s orange juice. It is more affordable. Thanks.

This item is back in stock – I’m glad it’s meeting your needs!
– Marc, Produce

Please carry Bambu sporks! We will change the world by all carrying our own utensils! Thanks.

Thank you for your comment, and I agree! We currently carry a bamboo utensil that is a fork on one end and a spoon on the other (not technically a spork, but close). I will keep an eye out for sporks and will order if they are available to us. I am also happy to take recommendations.
– Chad, Grocery

The Appliance Warehouse recycles Styrofoam--please advertise this to customers.

Thanks for the info! We added this to our list of recycling resources on our website (
– Kate, Marketing & Member Services

Bulk dates would be better off with a scoop, not tongs. Tongs are tedious and discouraging to shoppers.

Tongs seem to be a better choice because scoops tend to smash the dates. However, poly gloves are always located near the date bins as an alternative to the tongs.
– Jim, Bulk

Your staff is always so friendly & helpful - thanks!

The Co-op attracts the most wonderful people! Thanks for being part of the community and for sharing positive thoughts!
– eric, Front End


Why don’t you put signs up encouraging customers to use paper bags instead of plastic. Several people have told me they often forget, maybe I’ll do an informal survey of shoppers.

Thanks for the suggestion! We will be rolling out signage that encourages re-use and reduction of plastics throughout the store as part of our sustainability efforts. We’ll be sure to highlight the paper bag option as part of our store-wide campaign.
– Kate, Marketing & Member Services

Thank you for providing me with good vegan foods!

We are happy to be able to provide you with good vegan foods! Thank you for the feedback!
– Ian, Grocery


Could you carry more sprouted nuts?

Our bulk department will soon carry sprouted almonds and walnuts. If there are any other varieties you are looking for, let us know.
– Ian, Grocery

I don’t care how good the article I don’t want to see a magazine with a cover of a confederate flag in the co-op.

We’re sorry for the distress caused by the image on this magazine. Since we read your comment we’ve attached a cover on the front of the rack, blocking the photo and warning that the picture may be disturbing. Thank you for letting us know how you feel.
– Karen, Books