I would like to see hot spelt cereal flakes, kamut hot cereal flakes, and quinoa hot cereal.

We hope to bring the spelt flakes in within the coming weeks. We have been trying to order quinoa flakes but they have been out of stock from our distributors for awhile. The kamut flakes we do not currently have space for but we could special order it for members.
– Ian, Grocery

The bakery should make some buns!

Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately we currently do not have the space and equipment to consider an in-house bread program. Maybe one day we will though!
– Amber, Café

It would be much better if fo-ti in bulk herbs were offered in powdered form (or both) since it is much more user friendly in that form.

Thanks for the suggestion. We have carried Fo Ti as cut root for years, and it is a regular seller. We don’t have room to add another Fo Ti option in the jar, but I will carry the powder in a 4 oz bag, so look for it hanging in the herb aisle. You can always order a 4 oz bag directly from me also.
– Mary Beth, Bulk Herbs

Books & Magazines - Amazing collection of appropriate - to - right - now titles! Well done.

Thank you!
– Karen, Books & Magazines

Please carry non-spectrum brand organic oils. We hate supporting them. There are small suppliers in the Northeast. One in upstate NY.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will look to see if we are able to find oils that fit our buying guidelines & pricing needs. We do currently have a handful of non-Spectrum brands that I hope meet some of your needs. The Spectrum line is very popular with a lot of our customers and will likely remain. We are open to exploring other options that meet the needs of our consumers.
– Ian, Grocery