Meet the Owner – Amiee V.

Meet the Owner – Amiee V.

Amiee V.
Amiee V.Member Since 2012
Where do you live and how often do you visit our store?
I live in Murrysville, and I come to the Co-op once a week.

What motivated you to start shopping at the Co-op?
My chiropractor talked about the Co-op all the time, so I stopped in one day and liked what I found. The prices on the bulk items were so affordable.

What are some of your favorite things to get from the Co-op?
I get all my spices here, from the bulk section, because they are cheaper that way and I only need to buy the amount that I need. They are really good spices too!

If you could change one thing about the Co-op, what would it be?
Closer to home!

What’s different about the Co-op compared to other grocery stores? The people, the atmosphere – it’s a smaller store, and yet there is more variety of products that I can’t find elsewhere.

How would you describe your lifestyle and how does the Co-op fit in?
I spend a lot of time teaching dance. I try to live a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle. The food choices here really help me to do that. I also like to support local places, and local people, and the Co-op carries a lot of local products, so they are easy to find here.

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