Meet the Owner – Katie F., 13,000th Member!

Meet the Owner – Katie F., 13,000th Member!

Katie F.
Katie F.13,000th Member!
Where do you live and how often do you visit our store?
Edgewood. I visit more often now. I used to come about once a month, but since joining as a member, I’ve been here three times in the last two weeks!

What was your motivation for joining the Co-op?
I’ve been coming here for years, but never considered membership. I was recently on vacation in Connecticut, visiting my boyfriend’s family, who are long-time co-op members. We went with them to their co-op, and seeing their commitment helped me to understand the importance of investing in co-ops. When we got home, I joined the very next morning.

What is your favorite thing you get from the Co-op?
I really love the new kombucha on tap! And I appreciate getting produce here because I know where it comes from. I can read about the farms. I know that I’m helping to keep small family farms growing.

If you could change one thing about the Co-op, what would it be?
The Co-op really meets all of my needs… I can’t think of anything.

What do you LOVE and hope will never change about the Co-op?
It feels like a community inside. The people who work here are genuine and kind, in ways that you don’t always find in a shopping experience. The store pulls in the energy of the community-driven food sourcing.

How would you describe your lifestyle, and how does the Co-op fit in?
I’m a social worker by trade. Working in healthcare, I see how systems affect individuals. I try to help individuals navigate those systems and I advocate for access to health resources. The Co-op is a natural fit for me, in how I view the world and my place in my community.

What do you like to do when you’re not at the Co-op?
Baking, running, and reading!

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