October Comment Cards

October Comment Cards

Can you please have more samples? This would encourage us to try new stuff.

We’ll try our best. Thanks for the feedback.
– Patrick, Marketing & Member Services

Please send us quality help. This is my prayer!

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers. Your light is bright.
– eric, Front End

Can you please post on facebook when the pawpawfruits can be expected, and then the day they go one sale?

Hi Sandra! Absolutely – there is a lot of interest in paw paw fruit and we love sharing info about unique local food! Paw Paw season is late September – late October. – Kate, Marketing & Member Services

I miss fresh chicken tenders. Could we get them again on a weekly basis? Please -- thank you

Yes we can! Thanks for asking. Expect to see this in about a week or so.
– Evan, Perishable

Looking for CBD liquigel capsules or CBD liquid.

We now carry this. Thanks!
– Jackson, Supplements

Thank you so mcuh for getting the multi-grain one bun (frozen) back in your store. I truly appreciate it. Please keep ordering it.

Thanks! I’m happy to help.
– Evan, Perishable

It's too easy to miss your wonderful book department. Thank you for maintaining this lovely resource. I love the books.

Yes, Ann! I wish the books had a more prominent space – I love them too! It’s a joy to care or this tiny-but-important department. Thank you so much for the appreciation.
– Karen, Books & Magazines

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