Now accepting candidates for the 2019 EEFC Board of Directors Election

In the midst of a rapidly changing natural foods environment, the East End Food Co-op offers more than just groceries. The Co-op is founded on and operates by the ideas of member-ownership and dedication to the cooperative principles. In addition to local, organic, sustainable, and healthy food, the Co-op offers community to its member-owners and the entire Pittsburgh region.

Having recently hired our first general manager in a year and a half, discussing changes in our bylaws and considering options for expansion, we are at a unique point in history for the Co-op. Looking towards the future, there are many challenges to face and opportunities to explore. With these challenges and opportunities, important decisions will need to be made. Our Co-op is a community of dedicated members and staff who believe that we can create a vision to transform the future. It is most certainly an exciting time to serve on the Co-op’s Board of Directors.

To decare your candidacy, complete our online application here. Declarations due by 9 PM EST on Sunday, September 22nd.