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  • How to Check Your Balance at Home

    We all know the phrase, ‘“If you don’t use it; you lose it.” Our balance is no exception. If we don’t consistently use or challenge our balance, it will diminish. Balance is a key reaction that we need in order to maintain an upright posture throughout various positions in daily living, whether the body is still or in motion. 

  • Seed sales support Pittsburgh Urban Growers Scholarship

    Unprecedented interest in home gardening in 2020 helped boost a fundraiser designed to aid local urban growers. Between February and December 2020, East End Food Co-op sold 6,359 seed packets to raise $1,589.75 for the [...]

  • Register Round Up Logo

    2021 Register Round Up Recipients

    Each month the Co-op’s Register Round Up program gives shoppers the opportunity to support local non-profits by rounding up their total to the nearest dollar. Since the program was established in April 2013, co-op shoppers [...]

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