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  • Herbal Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

    By Adrienne Totino, Wellness With Adriene  Here in Pittsburgh, seasonal allergy season has officially begun. As pollen floats through the air, many people find themselves sneezing, sniffling, and scratching. Some are experiencing headache, facial pressure, [...]

  • Herbal Medicine

    By Aquene Watkins-Wise, Royally Fit As self-care trends increase and many people become more aware of their health thanks to a global pandemic, we are also experiencing a popularization of holistic wellness. Seeking a whole [...]

  • Benefits of Massage Therapy

    By David Herndon, Licensed Massage Therapist In recent years, the massage therapy profession has aligned itself more and more closely with health care. Massage therapists have developed specialized skills in areas such as post-surgical recovery, [...]

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