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  • Heart Healthy Recipes

    In the spirit of resolving for a healthier 2019, and in recognition of American Heart Month in February, we’ve put together some delicious, heart-healthy recipes. Did you know heart disease is the leading cause of [...]

  • Spotlight on Local: Nathan Miller Chocolate

    Nathan Miller Chocolate is an American small batch chocolate factory in Chambersburg, PA, owned and operated by Nathan Miller and his wife Chelsea Russo. Nathan is a formally trained pastry chef who manages the chocolate [...]

  • DIY: Beeswax Wrap

    Supplies: Thin, 100% organic cotton fabric, cut to 8×8 in. squares or circles. Organic beeswax, grated Powdered pine resin (avaialble for purchase online) New paintbrush (that will be used for this purpose only) Cheese grater [...]