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  • Nature nurtures; nurture nature.

    Healthy soil and healthy water are inextricably connected. Without healthy soil, no plants could grow; without plants, no animals (including humans) could survive. It behooves all of us to protect the health of our [...]

  • DIY Smudge Stick

    DIY Smudge Stick

    Smudging is the act of burning special healing herbs as part of a cleansing ritual to clear energies, air or a physical space. It’s very easy to make your own smudge stick-here’s how to do [...]

  • Local Eggs

    100% of our eggs come from local farms!

    Did you know that every single egg sold at the East End Food Co-op comes from local, family farms? It’s true! And we know you’ll be able to tell the difference in quality from [...]

March/April Items

Enzymedica Heartburn Relief Supplements Enzymedica Classic Strength Fish Oil Supplements Enzymedica Sports Performance Fish Oil Supplements Enzymedica Digestive Relief [...]

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