Please consider making the street in front of the Co-op doors a “no idling” zone for cars, trucks, etc. We need healthy air and exhaust fumes are not healthy! Maybe no smoking too!!

That’s a great idea. I’ll see if I can’t get that to happen.
– Vince, Facilities

Why don’t we sell canning lids for canning your own fruit/veggies?

Thank you for the suggestion! We’ve carried these in the past but are not able to get them in at a competitive price. We could possibly look into a special order for them to offer you the best price.
– Maura, Grocery

Please consider either not handing out straws or using compostable straws. They are destroying our oceans and hurting wildlife. Thanks.

Thank you for your feedback. We are looking into alternatives and making changes in our packaging. We offer plastic straws on request and have reusable stainless steel straws available for purchase. You will find these at the Café counter and at the registers. We are also participating in the Sustainable Pittsburgh Straw Forward program through September. Straws can be dropped off in the designated bin in the Cafe seating area and will be upcycled into a public art project.
– Amber, Café

I am curious as to why the free publications/display case were moved to the rear of the store? A lot of people are missing out on good information.

The community brochure rack moved from the foyer due to our expanding floral department. The area near the community posters was the most logical space to place the rack for now. Ideally, community materials can find an accessible space at the front of the store (possibly by the seating area) but the current small footprint of our store can be limiting. We do have signs posted at the old location re-directing people to the display case, and anecdotally I can report that materials are being collected from the new location. Thanks for your concern!
– Kate, Marketing & Member Services