Our Perishables Department has the highest-quality grocery staples like milk, bread, eggs, and butter, plus so much more!


We receive deliveries of delicious fresh bread from local bakeries several days a week. Loaves, baguettes, rolls, lavash, and pita; all made from the finest ingredients, like unbleached flours and whole grains, are provided by Pittsburgh’s best bakeries, including Wood Street Bakery and Mediterra Bakehouse. We also carry Dave’s Killer Bread, a national best-selling organic, whole grain, Non-GMO Project Verified sliced bread. Gluten-free breads are also available.


Local milk from Turner Dairy, and Brunton Dairy, as well as local raw milk from Swiss Villa, is at the center of our selection. National brands of organic and grass-fed milk round out the dairy aisle. The Co-op also carries specialty dairy like local goat’s milk, buttermilk, and cultured sour cream.


Nearly all of our eggs are sourced locally! Farm-fresh eggs from pastured raised chickens are delivered throughout the week.


We carry a variety of butter from dairies such as Organic Valley, Kerrygold, Vital Farms, Tillamook Creamery, and Cabot.

Dairy Alternatives

Our expansive collection of non-dairy cheese, yogurt, milk, and creamers supports vegan and dairy-free diets.


Dairy yogurt shares the case with soy, rice, and coconut milk yogurt. Be sure to check out the local highlights, including organic offerings from Seven Star Farm and A2-tested dairy from Snowville Creamery.

Fermented Foods

Kimchi, miso, kefir, and kombucha are all available from our Perishables Department! Fermented foods contain live active cultures and probiotics that many credit with improving gut health.


If you have questions about bread, please contact Berry at berikson@eastendfood.coop or 412-242-3598 x 344. For all other perishable inquiries, please contact Erin at eneszpaul@eastendfood.coop or 412-242-3598 x 108.