Get the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving. Pre-order your fresh or frozen turkey to ensure you have exactly what you need this holiday! We have the highest quality fresh and frozen options and even offer turkey breast for those who need a smaller portion (or just need a little extra white meat!). Orders are due Sunday, November 17th. Turkeys will be available for pick up Saturday through Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

  • Orders due Sunday, November 17th.
    Please indicate the quantity of each turkey or turkey breast you'd like using the form below. Questions? Call 412-242-3598.
  • Fresh Organic Turkeys - GAP Step 3 Certified, No Antibiotics, Certified Organic Feed

  • Mary's Organic Turkeys ($4.49/lb)

    raised in California

  • Mary's Certified Organic Bone-in Turkey Breast ($6.99/lb.)

    raised in California

  • Fresh Natural Turkeys - GAP Step 3 Certified, No Antibiotics, Non-GMO Verified Feed

  • Mary's Free-Range Natural Turkeys ($2.99/lb.)

    raised in California

  • Mary's Free-Range Bone-in Natural Turkey Breast($5.99/lb.)

    raised in California

  • Frozen Turkeys

  • Organic Prairie Certified Organic Turkeys ($3.79/lb.)

  • Ferndale Market Natural Turkeys - Free Range, No Antibiotics, Probiotics in diet ($2.19/lb.)

    raised in Minnesota

  • Pick-up date and approximate time:

  • (9AM - 8 PM)