Food co-ops were formed by people in your community who wanted access to healthy, delicious food with reduced environmental impact and less waste, and we remain community-owned and operated to this day. You help us continue this proud tradition every time you choose to shop here, invest in ownership or tell a friend about us.
Investing in the Co-op helps ensure:
  • A robust local economy: we carry more than 1,000 products from local producers and farmers. Shopping at a food co-op keeps more of your money in the community.
  • A healthier environment: The products we carry (certified organic food, B Corp, and Fair Trade) build a cleaner, safer environment. You can also embrace zero waste by using your own containers in our bulk department, purchasing items packaged in reusable glass containers, and swapping plastic for paper bags (bring your own tote and we’ll even give you a 10 cent bag credit!).
  • Reduced food waste: Each year we divert more than 8,000 lbs of food waste through our partnership with 412 Food Rescue and compost 36 tons of food scraps.
  • Care for our community: The Co-op pledged more than 100,000 acts of kindness through the #Coops4Kindness campaign this year. We support non-profits in our area through the Register Round Up Program, which has contributed more than $125,000 since its inception in April 2013.
  • A different way of doing business: The Co-op is a democratic model based on Co-operative Principles. These principles unite us with other Co-ops around the world and are the basis of our triple bottom line business practice of people, planet, profit.