East End Food Co-op is committed to the cooperative principle of concern for community and to building a strong local economy. It’s our mission to bring healthy food to our community, but we also strive to build consumer ownership and participation in our city and region.

The Co-op’s Ends Policy Statement, or mission, is:

The East End Food Co-op exists to enhance the physical and social health in our community. To these ends, we will create:

1. A sustainable member-owner business open to everyone
2. An ethical and resilient food infrastructure
3. A vibrant, dynamic community of happy, healthy people
4. A creative vision to transform the future


Offering in-store lectures and workshops, hosting an annual food and craft festival , and providing volunteer opportunities with non-profit partners are just some of the many ways we reach out to the local community.

The Community Partners Program for members adds value to an already souped-up membership benefits package.  Members get discounts from other local businesses which believe in our cooperative and our local economy.

Take a look at our Community Outreach Projects and Events for more on how your Co-op makes the community connection.

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East End Food Co-op

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