Community Partners Program

One of the many benefits of Co-op membership is access to the Community Partners Program, which offers members exclusive discounts when they support local businesses in our community. Members who have paid their membership share in full can show their plastic membership card at select local businesses for discounts on merchandise or services; if an appointment is required, please let the business know in advance if you plan to take advantage of the Community Partners discount.

Who are the Community Partners?

Local businesses that offer discounts to East End Food Co-op members in exchange for being listed on our website. Only locally-owned businesses are eligible to participate in the Community Partners program. A full listing is available below and can be sorted by category.

The Co-op does not formally evaluate or endorse these companies or the products and services offered. We cannot be held liable for the experiences you may have with our Partners, but we do welcome input on the service you receive at any participating business. Please contact Member Services to share your feedback.