East End Food Co-op offers a 10% courtesy discount on all transactions for which a customer uses SNAP benefits. This courtesy discount will apply to all items in the transaction, not just those that are SNAP eligible. We hope that offering this discount will make healthy foods more affordable and accessible to everyone in our community.

How does ACCESS work for SNAP beneficiaries?

All SNAP beneficiaries in the state of Pennsylvania are given an ACCESS card, which enables household residents to use their benefits through the EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) system. At time of purchase, the beneficiary will swipe their ACCESS card and enter their PIN number (a unique personal identification number known only by the card holder). The SNAP funds will then be deducted from the appropriate account to pay for SNAP eligible items. If insufficient funds exist in the account, the transaction will not complete.

Do I qualify for SNAP?

Eligibility for SNAP benefits is determined by several factors. The best way to see if you qualify is to apply.

How do I apply for SNAP?

You can apply online using the State of Pennsylvania’s COMPASS website at www.compass.state.pa.us. You may also apply by sending an application (which can be downloaded and printed from the COMPASS website) to your local county public assistance office.

Does the East End Food Co-op offer additional discounts?

The 10% courtesy discount for ACCESS card holders may sometimes be combined with additional discounts, but the aggregated discount may not exceed 20%. In cases where the SNAP courtesy discount exceeds the member discount, then only the SNAP discount will apply. These are the different kinds of discounts one could possibly receive at EEFC:

Discount categories Discount
Member (daily) 2%
Member (quarterly) 10%
Senior (62+, Tuesdays and Thursdays only.) 5% (courtesy)

The following are examples of some commonly combined discounts at the East End Food Co-op and their final discount percentages:

Discount Combinations Final Discount:
Member (daily) +SNAP 10%
Member (daily) + SNAP + Senior (Tuesday & Thursday) 15%
Member (quarterly) + SNAP 20%
Member (quarterly) + SNAP + Senior (Tuesday & Thursday) 20%
Non-member SNAP 10%
Non-member SNAP + Senior (Tuesday & Thursday) 15%

Food Bucks

Fresh fruits and vegetables are now more affordable for shoppers who use SNAP benefits (formerly called food stamps) at the East End Food Co-op. Through a partnership with The Food Trust, a non-profit dedicated to ensuring everyone has access to nutritious, affordable food, shoppers who use SNAP will earn a $2 Food Buck coupon for every $5 they spend on fresh produce. Food Bucks can be used on a subsequent shopping trip for additional fresh produce. There is no enrollment or sign-up required. Food Bucks are printed on receipt paper and shoppers earn them at checkout when they pay for their groceries using SNAP.

Through July 2020 – earn $2 in Food Bucks for every $2 spent on fresh produce!