Co-operative  Principle #5 is Education, training, and information. Below is the start of educational resources and information on ways you can actively participate in making a positive change in our world. We plan to build on this list as we gather more resources. If you have a suggestion for a resource to add, please leave us a comment or send us a message! Thank you!

  • Anti-racism resourcesA Google Doc complied by protester and activist Johnetta Elzie includes articles, videos, organizations to follow on social media, tools for white parents of white children, and a list of resources.
  • Ways you can help – A regularly updated list of resources, places to donate (including non-monetary donations), petitions, and phone numbers to call or text.
  • Cocoapreneur Pgh– Black-owned business directory created by University of Pittsburgh graduate Khamil Scantling.
  • African American Chamber of Commerce of Western PA Business Directory – promotes access and business opportunities for African American business owners and professionals throughout the region.