You can email any of our administrative office contacts by clicking on their name.

General Manager: Maura Holliday
Finance Manager: Shawn McCullough
HR Manager: Jen Girty
IT Manager: Erin Myers
Marketing & Member Services Manager: Jeff Guerrero
Membership Database Specialist: Leslie Clark

You can email any of our store department contacts by clicking on their name.

Store Operations Manager: Tyler Kulp
Café Manager: Amber Pertz
Front End Manager: eric cressley
Produce Manager:
Grocery Buyer: Brendyn Irvin
Bulk Food Buyer: Jim McCool
Cheese Buyer: Parker Lemus
Supplement Buyer: Jackson O’Connell-Barlow
Book & Magazine Buyer: Karen Bernard
Health & Beauty/Gift Buyer: Amanda Stephen
Meat & Bread Buyer: Berry Erikson
Perishables Buyer: Erin Neszpaul

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