EEFC is looking for member-owners to serve on committees! Committees are crucial in providing research, preparation, and recommendations to be discussed and voted on by our Board. Please consider joining one of the following committees. After reviewing the descriptions, please fill out the brief form that follows.

The Board Perpetuation and Elections (BP&E) Committee exists to aid and advise the Board of Directors regarding recruitment for and administration of the yearly Board election. In addition, this Committee is available to the Board to aid it in supporting, educating, and training Board and committee members.


– Recruit candidates for Board and Committee positions

– Organize, promote, and supervise elections

– Provide orientation and materials for new Board members

– Identify possible training opportunities for new Board members

– Ensure that the Board monitors and reports on its own performance (at least annually)

– Assist the Board with the process of monitoring the GM’s policy interpretations and reports

– Oversee the Board’s Policy Register

– Develop proposed policies and procedures (when requested to do so by the Board)

MEETING TIME: To be determined.

Chair: Tom Pandaleon

Compensation and Team Relations Committee

Chairs: Liz Geist and Debi Johnson

The Expansion Committee exists to guide the process for the Co-op to evaluate and ultimately decide on a direction for store expansion. We see great potential for what our co-op could be and are excited about helping the store grow to meet this potential


– Gather information about different expansion opportunities

– Lead visioning, analysis, and evaluation of our options

– In coordination with the full Board, staff, and members, the Committee will establish and adhere to a timeline for expansion

MEETING TIME: 2nd Thursday of the month, 6:30 pm-8:00 pm (more if needed)

Chair: Carlos Gasca Yanez

The Finance Committee is charged with assisting the Board in monitoring its Financial Conditions, Financial Planning, and Asset Protection Policies. It exists to increase the understanding and comprehension of the Board members while not impeding or interfering with the established lines of communication and authority between the General Manager and the Board of Directors.


– Monitor the Co-op’s financial performance

– Advise the Board regarding the adequacy of the Board’s financial policies, as well as the reasonableness of the interpretation and the data provided

– Provide any additional analysis or assistance as required by the Board of Directors for them to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to the Cooperative

– Upon request, the Committee is to assist the Management Team when considering financial matters

MEETING TIME: Quarterly (week prior to B1 report). March, June, Sept., Dec.

Chairs: Tom Pandaleon and Brian Alderman 

The Member-Owner Participation (MOP) Committee is charged with coordinating with Marketing and Member Services to enhance communication between the Board and the members, to work toward a better understanding of the values and needs of member-owners, and to investigate venues for member participation in Co-op initiatives.


– Promote member participation in the Cooperative’s governance process

– Plan Membership meetings and mailings

– Plan and coordinate Member-Owner outreach activities

– Oversee regular member surveys, referenda, and inter-cooperative relations

MEETING TIME: Third Wednesday of each month at 7 PM

Chair: Marty Seltman

Resilience Committee: Are you concerned with how the Co-op can adapt during ecological and economic crises? Are you concerned about the health of our member-owners and the broader community? This new committee exists to build resiliency through big-picture thinking on long-term changes. We need your voice! Help us shape the foundation of this committee and contribute to the future of our Co-op!


– Helping the Board understand some of the newer challenges that we face

– Establishing tangible, long-term goals for the Co-op relating to diversity, sustainability, wellness, and other subjects relating to resilience

– The committee is in its early days, so members will help establish the responsibilities and goals!

MEETING TIME: 4th Thursday of each month, 7 – 8:30 PM

Chair: Laura Valentine

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