The Bylaws Committee is charged with putting forth recommended changes to our bylaws and bringing them to the membership for a vote. We are primarily concerned with making edits that will work to restore and strengthen our cooperative culture by prioritizing member participation and transparency. Some potential proposed changes include making it easier for members to request special meetings, limiting the use of appointments to the board, clarifying the use of closed session meetings, and prioritizing the substance of the annual meeting. Once the Board has come to agreement about a draft of suggested changes, we’ll hold public meetings to get member input and feedback. We’ll then attempt to produce a draft that satisfies the concerns that have come up and put the final version to a vote along with the vote for new board members in the fall. Chair: Laura Valentine

The Annual Meeting Committee is charged with coordinating the members’ meeting, held every fall, where owners of our co-op receive financial, operational and governance updates, discuss policy changes, and transact any business that needs to be attended to. The annual meeting also provides an opportunity for members to interact with the board, staff and other members. Responsibilities of this committee include: developing an agenda, with input from the board; making meeting arrangements; helping to promote member awareness and participation; and facilitating the meeting. Chair: Eva Barinas

The Expansion Committee exists to guide the process for the co-op to evaluate and ultimately decide a direction for store expansion. We see great potential for what our co-op could be and are excited about helping the store grow to meet this potential. The first step in this process is gathering information about different expansion opportunities; once this research has been completed, the committee will lead visioning, analysis, and evaluation of our options. Finally, in coordination with the full board, staff, and members, the committee will establish and adhere to a timeline for expansion. Chair: Jenise Brown

The Finance Committee is charged with  assist the board in monitoring its Financial Conditions, Financial Planning and Asset Protection Policies. The Finance Committee exists to increase the understanding and comprehension of the Board members while not impeding or interfering with the established lines of communication and authority between the General Manager and Board of Directors. The functions of the Committee shall be: 1. To monitor the Co-op’s financial performance 2. To advise the Board regarding the adequacy of the Board’s financial policies, as well as the reasonableness of the interpretation and the data provided. 3. To provide any additional analysis or assistance as required by the Board of Directors for them to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility to the Cooperative. Upon request, the Committee is to assist the Management team when considering financial matters. The Committee reports will be based on each of the above functions. Chair: Charlie Orr

The Member-Owner Participation (MOP) Committee is charged with coordinating with Marketing and Member Services to enhance communication between the board and the members and to investigate venues for member participation in coop initiatives. Currently the committee is comprised of members working on the onboarding process for new members, a member satisfaction with governance and participation survey, collecting data about volunteer worker programs and the presence of single use plastics in our coop, and ultimately in other establishments in Pittsburgh. Chair: Marty Seltman

The Board Perpetuation and Elections Committee (BP&E) is charged with the dual tasks of maintaining the health of the board through recruiting, onboarding and continuing education, as well as insuring that the annual elections are fair, free, accessible and accurate. Co-chairs: Tom Pandaleon and Jenise Brown

Resilience: Chair: Trevor Ring

Please contact for more information or to become involved. The Bylaws, Annual meeting, and MOP committees are open to members. The BP&E, Expansion, and Finance Committees are currently not open to members.