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31 10, 2019

November Register Round Up – Reading Is Fundamental

October 31st, 2019|Register Round Up, Store News|0 Comments

Reading Is Fundamental Pittsburgh's mission is to provide the resources, motivation, and opportunities to develop a life-long love of reading. Reading Is Fundamental Pittsburgh operates several programs in the region that aim to mitigate the literacy gap that exists in our community. Round Up funds will support the Everybody Wins program, a school-based literacy [...]

1 10, 2019

Invest in a Community: Become a Co-op Member!

October 1st, 2019|Featured in The Co-operator, Store News|0 Comments

Becoming a Co-op member-owner not only makes good economic sense, it’s a choice that affords many social benefits! You’re joining a dynamic community of happy, healthy people that are invested in a creative vision to transform the future. Membership demonstrates a commitment toward building a sustainable business that is open to everyone, operates democratically, and [...]

30 09, 2019

October Register Round Up – Play it Forward

September 30th, 2019|Register Round Up, Store News|0 Comments

Play it Forward Pittsburgh assists families in offering brighter holidays to children by through an annual toy drive, collecting gently used items and giving them away free to families in need. Play it Forward Pittsburgh is 100% donation driven.  Every item collected is given away and every dollar raised goes directly to support the [...]

12 09, 2019

Waste Audit Results

September 12th, 2019|Featured Posts, Store News|0 Comments

At the Co-op, we always focus on environmental responsibility. We go out of our way to ensure we are doing the least harm to the world around us. It’s evident in our product sourcing and selection--the things shoppers see on our shelves every day: milk in returnable glass containers, on-tap kombucha, organic and locally-sourced produce, [...]

31 08, 2019

September Register Round Up – PASA

August 31st, 2019|Register Round Up, Store News|0 Comments

PASA works to improve the environmental soundness, social responsibility, and economic viability of food and farming systems in Pennsylvania and beyond. In existence since 1992, PASA, Sustainable Agriculture is a diverse network of growers, businesses, and consumers that facilitates and enables viable farming systems to provide healthy food as locally as possible through innovative [...]

31 07, 2019

August Register Round Up – Humane Animal Rescue

July 31st, 2019|Register Round Up, Store News|0 Comments

In 2017, The Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center and Western Pennsylvania Humane Society have become Humane Animal Rescue merged and are now Humane Animal Rescue. Their open door policy ensures that no animal is ever refused shelter. The non-profit provides care to abandoned, neglected, and injured animals, including injured, orphaned, or ill [...]

30 06, 2019

July & August Store News

June 30th, 2019|Store News|0 Comments

Summer has arrived here in Pittsburgh, bringing with it the humidity we all love and appreciate. This time of year usually marks a slightly slower time for the co-op in terms of weekly sales as our customers venture out to farmer’s markets and vacations. What is great about the summer is getting more locally grown [...]

30 06, 2019

July – Jeremiah’s Place

June 30th, 2019|Register Round Up, Store News|0 Comments

Jeremiah’s Place works to protect children and strengthen families by providing a safe haven of respite, health, renewal, and support during times of crisis. As Western PA's only emergency childcare facility, Jeremiah’s Place serves families who are experiencing medical or mental health emergencies, and helps families experiencing homelessness get back on their feet by [...]

30 06, 2019

We’re Listening

June 30th, 2019|Customer Comments|0 Comments

In April, we brought in compostable produce bags after receiving many requests to switch away from single-use plastic bags. Since the roll out, we’ve heard from shoppers and members who are dissatisfied with the compostable bags for a number of reasons including: they are clingy and difficult to open they are not as sturdy as [...]

30 06, 2019

Celebrating PASA Earth Week at Four Seasons Produce

June 30th, 2019|Store News|0 Comments

by Tyler Kulp, Produce Manager The East End Food Co-op Produce Department is honored to partner with Four Seasons Produce, Inc. to raise money for PASA (the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) each year during Earth Week. PASA works to build a more economically just, environmentally regenerative and community-focused food [...]