East End Food Co-op is Pittsburgh’s only member-owned natural and organic food market, serving the community since 1980.  You’ll find delicious, healthy food in our store’s aisles, and a triple bottom line when it comes to our business.  As a local business, we support sustainable food, environmental responsibility, and our community.  Learn more about how co-ops promote living Stronger Together.

While our Co-op market is open to the public and membership is not required to make purchases, there are a number of membership benefits.  We encourage you to take a look around and learn more about the benefits of the cooperative business model, and how you can get involved.  At East End Food Co-op, it’s way more than just good food.  You own it!

Telephone and fax numbers:

Store: Phone:  412-242-3598     Fax: 412-242-7723

Administration: 412-242-3598  Ext. 119

Cafe: 412-242-7726

Credit  Union: 412-243-7574


General Manager: Justin Pizzella

HR Manager: Jen Girty

Grocery Manager: Maura Holliday

Member Services: Heather Hackett

Cafe Manager: Amber Pertz

Front End Manager: eric cressley

IT Manager: Erin Myers

Financial Manager: Shawn McCullough

Produce Manager: Evan Diamond

What’s New

Upcoming Co-op Events!

August 28, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 6:30 PM
Preserving the Season
Susanna Meyer and Danielle Marvit, Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture (PASA)
Gemini Children’s Theater

Susanna Meyer, author of Saving the Seasons: How to Can, Freeze, or Dry Almost Anything, and Danielle Marvit of the Pittsburgh Canning Exchange will introduce you to simple and fun ways to preserve seasonal specialties. Learn how to freeze and dry herbs, prepare a quick batch of refrigerator pickles, and make a fail-proof water bath processed jam. The presenters will share samples of easy and delicious recipes that you can use at home to help you enjoy local foods all year long! There will also be plenty of time for questions. Although this event is free, a suggested $10 donation will be accepted by PASA.

This event is FREE; just call 412-242-3598 to reserve your spot!

Wednesday, September 17, 6:30 PM
Creativity in Your Cupboard
Julia Erickson & Aaron Ingley, Barre LLC
Gemini Children’s Theater

Come explore the possibilities for creative snacks and meals made with a few simple ingredients commonly found in your kitchen cupboards. Professional ballet dancers Julia and Aaron will tell their story of creating real food nutritional bars in their kitchen, and how this endeavor ultimately grew into a successful local business. Then Julia will demonstrate several simple recipes you can try at home, including her famous Barre bars! Join us to learn more about starting your own food business, as well as methods for making pantry-oriented dinners and the perfect post-workout snack.

This event is FREE; just call 412-242-3598 to reserve your spot!

Wednesday, September 24, 7:00 PM
Local Foods Month Sampling Session
Local vendors
Café Seating Area & Store Aisles

The East End Food Co-op is committed to prioritizing and promoting local food sources whenever possible, and the annual observance of Local Foods Month every September offers us a special opportunity to highlight our local farmers and producers. Join us for a free sampling session that will take place throughout the aisles of the entire store. You will have a chance to meet the suppliers of some of your favorite local products, including offerings from Clarion River Organics, Healcrest Urban Farm, Cherish Creamery, Pastitio, and more. Don’t miss this tasting adventure!

This event is FREE; no reservations are required!

Monday, September 29, 9:00-10:30 AM
National Coffee Day Celebration
Local vendors
Café Seating Area

Whether you’re a connoisseur or a novice, all are welcome to come celebrate and enjoy this popular beverage with our local roasters and suppliers! Join La Prima Espresso Company and 19 Coffee Company as they speak to the subtleties of the roasting process while serving up free samples of fresh espresso and several brewed coffee varietals. Building New Hope, a Pittsburgh-based non-profit that partners with a worker-owned coffee cooperative in Nicaragua, will also be on hand to talk about the origins of this beloved bean and what it means to pay coffee growers a fair trade price.

This event is FREE; no reservations are required!

Weekly Produce Specials!

August 27, 2014

Produce Specials August 27 – September 2

Organic Green Seedless Grapes $2.49 # reg: $3.99 California Grown
Organic Red Seedless Grapes $2.49 # reg: $3.99 California Grown
Organic Thomcord Grapes $2.49 ea reg: $3.99 California Grown
Organic Celery Hearts $1.99 ea reg: $2.99 USA
Organic Local Roma Tomatoes $1.99 # reg: $2.99 Clarion River Organics, PA
Seasonal Selections
Organic Avocados 2/$3 ea Peru
Organic Green Kiwis 5/$6 ea New Zealand
Organic Gold Kiwis 5/$6 ea New Zealand
Organic Keitt Mango $3.49 ea California Grown
Organic Yellow Peaches $2.99 # California Grown
Organic Yellow Nectarines $2.99 # California Grown

Your Co-op’s Open Letter to Eden Foods

July 16, 2014

In recent weeks we have heard from a number of members and customers in regards to Eden Foods relationship to the Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case. We really do love to hear from our customers and members and feel that this type of dialogue is healthy and beneficial for our Co-op. Although we very much respect everyone’s stance on this matter, the Co-op serves a diverse community of customers, both member and non-member. What we have found is that our focus is on healthy foods and we can’t often let that pursuit be thwarted by politics that our members have divided stances on. We try to support fair trade, organics, cooperatively-produced products, and local providers, but all in all our biggest goal remains healthy foods.

We feel that our primary responsibility to our members is to select products based on our product policies (find them here). Related to this, Eden’s offerings are amongst the most pure products available at the Co-op. Eden has been an industry leader in organics and maintaining standards in the face of corporate attacks. They have fought openly within the industry & to outside interests to maintain organic standards, as numerous attempts to water them down have been attempted. They also almost single handedly brought BPA-free lining into cans to the US market.

Although we do not have any plans to discontinue carrying this product, we do still realize that we are representatives of our membership. It is for this reason that we have written an Open Letter to Eden Foods (see below) and we will be forwarding any comments we receive on this topic directly to Eden Foods, so they may understand the potential impact their decisions may have on the future livelihood of their company.We also encourage anyone interested to share their thoughts directly with Eden Foods by emailing, or writing to the address on our Open Letter to Eden Foods.

In closing, we always encourage consumers (customers or otherwise) to realize the power they have in how they spend their money. Your dollar is like a vote and you’re always able to use that vote to support or boycott products. We are sure that if you boycott this company, you will still find plenty on our shelves worth ‘voting’ for.

Click on the link to read the Co-op’s Open Letter to Eden Foods



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